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8 Tips to Finish the Year Strong

November 25, 2011 - Updated: November 25, 2011


RE/MAX International is now publishing a new magazine which is delivered to our office and is entitled “Above”.  There is this really great article in there by Tom Ferry and in case you have not read it yet, here are 8 tips he suggests to get your business going for this year end.


1.    Mark out your path.

The first step in your journey is to pull out your calendar and schedule all the time off you want in Q4. Now, count up the number of days left to build your business and what you can do during those days. This will help you see that you have plenty of fun breaks along the way and work in smaller bursts.


2.    Create a B.S.G.

You need a Big Sexy Goal. Decide how many listings taken, listings sold and buyer sales you want in Q4. Make them tangible and visual. Create incentives for completion and consequences for falling short.


3.    Tersus satus! (Latin for a “clean start.”)

Schedule a day to complete your working environment – clean up, organize, throw away, file away, and reset your systems. This will help improve your production and let you work at your peak performance.


4.    Fish where the fish are.

Focus on your marketing and lead generation activities on the sources that have created the most transactions this year to date in Q4, not on trying new campaigns. Take a look at your database, open houses, expireds, your farm and online campaigns.


5.    Anticipate the obvious question: Why should I list during the holidays?

Create a marketing campaign that answers this in a consumer-centric way.  You can create a flier, blog, video post about “Top 10 Reasons to List during the holidays”.


6.    Take inspired action.

Generally, there are 3 types of actions:  (1) No Action [a scary place for a Salesperson], (2) In Action [Making the calls, showing houses, etc.], and (3) Inspired Action [Where you are radiating success, joy, expertise, professionalism and even some fun!].  You win more business, schedule more appointments and attract more prospects when you operate in inspired action.


7.    Accept no drama.

If you want a big Q4, you need to be drama-free.  This may be achieved by a combination of exercise, healthy diet, and good night rests.  Whatever it is, find your solution.


8.    Consider a program.

When we’re part of a program, we tend to do more, act more and produce more. Whether it is a sales competition, a structured learning program, or a coaching program, we simply do better when surrounded by others who are going all out too.



Take inspired action on these 8 coaching tips and I promise you will be grinning ear-to-ear when the Spring Market comes!

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