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7 Ways to Boost you business NOW

March 21, 2011



7 ways to Boost your business Right NOW

The coming months of “Spring Market” are normally the ones with most activity in the Toronto Real Estate Board.  To help you, I’ve compiled a little list with 7 ideas to make sure you have a great “Spring Market”, as well as a superb 2011.


  1. Use Proactive, rather than passive or reactive, marketing techniques to build your business.
    Make sure you are taking a
    Proactive role in lead generation in your business.  Proactive techniques include calling your past clients to see if they are looking to invest, or ask for referrals. Passive techniques include any real estate activity where you wait for the business to come to you, i.e. floor time, open house, or farming by mail with no personal contact.

Open house and/or mailing, when followed up with phone calls or an in-person contact, are 7 times more likely to generate a positive result.


  1. Focus on "A" and“B” clients, not “C” and “D” clients.
    Take each of your current prospects and categorize them as "A" (will do business with me in the next 30 days), "B" (will do business in the next 3 months), "C" (will do business with me in within the year) or "D" (may do business with me in the future). Your "right now" business are the “A” and “B” categories. Focus your attention on these two while trying to convert your “C” leads into “B” leads if at all possible. You may keep in touch with your “D” leads by calling once every few weeks, but don't waste your valuable time showing them properties or doing CMAs. Instead, focus on getting your hot leads (A & B) under representation agreements and converting “C” leads into hot leads.


  1. Call at least five of your past clients and/or people in your sphere of influence today, tomorrow and the day after.
    Follow up with a handwritten note reminding them you build your business through referrals. Rather than having to constantly prospect for new leads, it's much easier to keep in contact with those who have done business with you in the past or who have referred you business. Make a point of contacting them personally at least four times a year. Also, be sure to send them some sort of written material once monthly whether it's an e-mail newsletter or a postcard letting them know you appreciate them. When they do give you a referral, send them a thank you note immediately, as well as a small token of your appreciation.


  1. Get attached to giving best possible customer service to every person you work with rather than being attached to the outcome.
    In other words, your role as a REALTOR is to provide your buyers and sellers with the best information and resources possible. You're not attached to whether or not they list or sell. Instead, you want them to make the best decision possible. It's OK if they ultimately end up not selling or buying. If you provide the best service possible, they not only willwant to do business with you, they will also want to refer their friends as well.


  1. Know your market precisely.
    Sellers and buyers often choose who represents them based upon how active a REALTOR is in their given area. They're seeking someone who can tell them exactly what's on the market in their price range, knows where to find the best deals, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of different locations. Become the expert in at least one segment of the market, whether it's working with first time buyers, farming a specific geographical area or building, or targeting people from a specific profession.


  1. Build your business around your passion.
    If you like cooking, make special treats to give to people you would like to have as part of your referral base. If you love to golf, spend time on the golf course to meet people who share your passion. Instead of forcing yourself to make cold calls or knock on doors, do something you love where you can meet others. People who are passionate about what they do are naturally attractive to others. Always have your business cards available and let them know you have a website they can visit.


  1. Get out of the office and talk to people about real estate.
    For example, go have lunch by yourself and sit at the counter. Strike up a conversation with the person next to you. Walk your dog and make sure you're wearing your something that shows you're in real estate. If you walk slowly or sit down, people will walk up to you and start a conversation just to pet the dog.  Make sure you are wearing your RE/MAX lapel pin.  It will automatically start the conversation to real estate.




Quote of the month:

I will persist until I succeed.  I was not delivered into this world into defeat, nor does failure course my veins.  I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd.  I am a lion, and I refuse to talk, walk, and to sleep with the sheep.  I will persist until I succeed.

Og Mandino

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