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What is iRealty?





What is iREALTY™?


iREALTYTM is a new way of doing real estate business.   With today’s technology, the office is wherever the you are.

That can be a beach, a coffee shop, a client’s home or even a mountain top. 


iREALTYTM  is when a real estate office can offer you the latest technologies that enable you be Online, Paperless, Green and Connected.



Online:   All our associates have access to an online platform where all the forms, contracts, training and manuals are available securely 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year at a click of a mouse. 


Our online submission allows the convenience of paperless submission, along with tremendous added features, such on-line document and file submission. No lost files, misplaced documents, coffee spills on originals.



Paperless:   The real estate industry has not yet embraced the digital world of business and uses an extraordinary amount of paper. RE/MAX CROSSROADS iREALTYTM is excited to lead the way in this field.  By using online form submissions, we reduce the amount of paper in every transaction we do.


By scanning and e-mailing you all your incoming faxes for example, we save paper. While you... save time.



Green:   We offer all our associates, clients and administration a brokerage they can be proud of. iREALTYTM office is green to a large extent. We offer all TREB and RECO forms online, as well as important bulletins, manuals and training materials. When paper is received, we recycle it or hand it hand it back to the agent. 


We estimate a savings of about 100 pieces of paper per transaction.  Further, our online systems means agents do not need to drive to the office to pick up a fax, or to deliver documents, utilizing less gas and creating less pollution.


Connected: By way of social media, in-house training and social events. iREALTYTM offers our associates the opportunity to connect anytime anywhere via social media. For example, when two agents have a conversation, only those two agents are privy to that information, but with an online conversation, all agents are privy to that same information. So connect with us by Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. 


We offer both online and in-house training. This training is by far the best in the entire industry. Agent Training on Demand has available 100's of training, coaching, and instructive videos for our agents to access 24/7.  In-House we offer the Succeed Program, 100 Days to Greatness, the Ultimate Agent, Master’s Edge as well as ongoing coaching and one-on-one business planning.


Of course, we also have great office social events.  Our summer bbq's and Christmas party's are often the talk of the town.  But lets not forget our Golf tournaments, Award Ceremonies, St. Patrick's day and as many holidays as we can celebrate!





1. To provide exceptional service to our associates and exceed their expectations.


Exceptional services from start to finish in every real estate transaction by having a live person answer all your calls 24/7 a day, loading all the listings on to TREB, online lead generation, offer continuous training in contract negotiation and general technical skills. But it’s much more. This promise signifies the continuous quest for improvement and being able to offer more value to our REALTORS.



2. Continuously be a RE/MAX industry leader.


RE/MAX is the most well known brand in real estate worldwide and for TREB in particular it sells 3 times more properties than the competition. RE/MAX Crossroads is proud to be associated with the best in the industry and will leverage that brand name coupled the iREALTYTM  office: online, paperless, green and connected. This allows us to emerge as a true industry leader and leading the change for the future. This will help our associates differentiate themselves even further from competitors.


3. Continuously develop technological systems to enhance services.  


Technology is here to stay, but technology for sake of technology is not our goal. iREALTYTM  stands for the continuous enhancing and updating of technological systems when those systems show a reliable way of doing things better.  Better means more efficiently and more effective and more profitably. This focus on doing things better is embedded as part of the company culture and is what sets us apart from all the rest.




Does this sound like the office you want to belong too?  

Give us a call and find out what RE/MAX Crossroads can offer you!



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